Halıcıoğlu metrobus stop is being renewed

Halıcıoğlu metrobus stop is being renewed
It is announced that a new pedestrian overpass will be built on the D-100 Highway between Halıcıoğlu and Sütlüce neighborhoods. The new overpass, the disabled citizens will be placed 3 pieces for the elevator.
According to the statement made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the construction of the new pedestrian overpass project, which will provide more comfortable access to the metrobus station, on the E-5 Highway between Halıcıoğlu and Sütlüce neighborhoods has started. The following information was given about the new pedestrian overpass; “With the study, Beyoğlu / Sütlüce and Halıcıoğlu Neighborhoods will be connected to each other on foot. With the New Pedestrian Overpass, which will be completed for 1 month, pedestrians who want to reach the Metrobus station will have an extremely safe access. Halıcıoğlu-Sütlüce Metrobus Station has been designed as the length of the new pedestrian overpass, 134 meters and 6 meters wide. In addition, 3 elevators will be built at the metrobus station for the access of elderly and disabled citizens.

Source : I haber.stargazete.co



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