Snow Thickness in Uludag Reached 160 centimeter

In Uludağ, last night the air temperature was measured as 8 below zero. Büyükorhan'a high-rise districts of Bursa in the night, the snow also affected the transportation negatively. Cold and rainy weather under the influence of the influence of Bursa is also effective. Snow thickness of 130 centimeter was measured in the last 24 hours in Uludag with snowfall thickness 160 reached the centimeter. Weather temperature in the region at night under the Zero 8 rating, while the snow will continue today, indicating that the meteorological authorities, tomorrow will stop again on Monday and Tuesday announced the effective rainfall. Gendarmerie teams in Uludag, does not allow the chain of vehicles not fitted on the road.

On the other hand, in the high districts of Bursa Büyükorhan'da last night with snow falling into the district was white. In the Büyükorhan where snow thickness is measured as 10 centimeter, road transportation is difficult with some villages.

Source: habergazete



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