Seventy Seventeen of the Population

Seventy Seventeen of the Population
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Deputy Minister Yahya head, "our citizens in 2023, up around 70 percent of the population lived in Turkey a chance to meet fast train to catch," he said.
Baş watched the Istanbul Güngörenspor-Faturavizyon Kahramanmaraşspor match with AK Party Deputy Sıtkı Güvenç. After the match, Baş said that the government achieved its goals for the double road step by step.
"We have seen that fatal accidents have decreased as a result of the detections made thanks to double roads," said Baş, adding that the construction standards of the roads, law changes and some deterrent penalties contributed to the decrease in accidents.
According to the Highways Regulation Law, the restrictions on the load quotas on the highways have an effect on the reduction of accidents.
“With the deterrence of serious follow-ups and penalties, the accidents have reached this position. Accidents have decreased thanks to double roads. Accidents are decreasing day by day by increasing the quality of our roads and making legal regulations. Especially the accidents caused by the abnormal load of heavy vehicle vehicles have been reduced. This accident rate in heavy vehicles has dropped more than others. "
The head said that they want to increase the quality of the double roads by making hot asphalt, and that they aim to reduce the accident rates by completing the road safety.
Split path of the hot asphalt coating which indicates they aim to finish until 2023 head, "not a single place in Turkey in transportation, sea, air, including all had a terrific breakthrough in iron and highways. Railways have been completely neglected after the 1950s. We are working hard to close this difference in the intervening time. We are also working to make railways preferred and attractive. "
- Fast train network-
Go, noting that Turkey will become one of the world's leading countries by expanding the high-speed train network, years of high-speed train from Istanbul to Ankara was reported that they have reached the end.
Izmir-Istanbul, Ankara-Sivas-Erzincan connection route voicing tender head, "until 2023 citizens in regions where the population of around 70 percent in Turkey by fast train to catch the meeting a chance," he said.
- "Solution process" -
Solution process Yahya also touches on the head, as long as the provision of peace in Turkey, the country will be spent for the development of economic relief and resources to live, noting the following:
"Turkey has entered into a settlement process. By Turkey to strengthen ties of brotherhood will be no more powerful. All parties want the blood flowing in the country to stop. The demand of the people is in this direction. Our prime minister started a good-intentioned solution work by taking all the risks. spiritually in Turkey and will strengthen the conclusion that much of the substance.

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