Jak Timi Invents 321 Event In Kartalkayada

The annual report of the Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK) Team was announced as the ski season opened on 15 December 2012 at Kartalkaya Ski Resort in Bolu ended on 26 March 2013.

Kartalkaya ski season in Turkey's popular holiday centers were closed. Under the coordination of Bolu Governorship this year, the project of prevention of injuries and disappearances on the tracks at Kartalkaya Ski Center was realized. Within the scope of the project, the 5 thousand X Safe Use and Promotional Brochures of Ski Slopes ini prepared by Bolu Provincial Gendarmerie Command were distributed. Later, numbers and plates were placed on the trees in the designated areas to allow skiers to disappear when skiing. Four-month winter season closed the day before, Bolu Provincial Gendarmerie Command Kartalkaya'da JAK Timi'nın 2012-2013 winter season activity report was announced. . In the winter season, 307 injury and total 14 event were intervened and no loss of life occurred, ve said the written statement from the Bolu Governorate.

307 holidaymaker lost the balance of the event as a result of the loss of various parts of the holiday was noted, one of the foreign 36 person was expressed in the field was lost. Vacationers lost in the field of 15 minutes and 3 hour period, found to be returned to the ski resort, said.

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