İZBAN found its own passengers

İZBAN found its own passengers
İZBAN, in the two years it has been put into service, has rapidly increased its own passengers and on the other hand increased the public transportation cake in İzmir by 15 percent, and implemented a system in which it finds its own passengers thanks to the facilities it brings.
İZBAN, which started pre-commissioning with passengers on 30 August 2010 and brought a brand new alternative to passenger traffic on the north-south axis; The number of people benefiting from public transportation in İzmir increased by 15 percent in two years. IZBAN officials pointed out that İZBAN has been the primary choice of private vehicle owners and disabled citizens in the last two years, Karşıyaka and Şirinyer.
While the number of people using public transportation vehicles in İzmir was 2010 million in 402,5, it increased to 2011 million in 440,5 and 2012 million in 464, when İZBAN fully started its operations. During the same period, an increase was observed in the number of passengers of İZULAŞ, İZDENİZ (including car ferries) and İzmir Metro. In other words, while the people of İzmir did not change their vehicle preferences despite the introduction of İZBAN, 62 million people participated in public transportation in two years. During this period, the number of passengers of İZDENİZ increased from 23 million to 25,5 million, the number of passengers of İzmir Metro from 37 million to 52 million, and İZULAŞ from 65 million to 68 million. There was a slight decrease in the number of passengers of ESHOT from 275 million to 269 million.
İZBAN was the primary preference of private vehicle owners during this period. Many Izmirites, Aliaga and Cumaovası direction in the center of Izmir, Izmir, Izmir, Izmir, Izmir, Izmir, Izmir, Izmir, Izmir, Izmir. Intensive use of parking lots in accordance with the park and ride system in front of the station supports this argument, Karşıyaka and Şirinyer regions. Factories in industrial zones such as Aliağa have also removed personnel services and have implemented practices that allow workers to commute with İZBAN and have played an important role in reducing vehicle traffic. In addition, all disabled access stations have enabled more disabled citizens to benefit from ball transportation.
İZBAN officials pointed out that the station car park in Mavişehir, where private vehicle use is at a high level, is used intensively at all hours of the day and said, “Every new player entering the sector gets a slice of the cake. However, İZBAN, on the contrary, increased the public transportation cake in İzmir by 15 percent. In doing so, he created his own passenger. It created a very important alternative on the north-south line of Izmir, where the busiest vehicle traffic is located. KarşıyakaOur stations such as Çiğli and Şirinyer stood out as our busiest stations. Like the new roads, upper, lower and level crossings, İZBAN also helped to reduce the vehicle traffic in this direction, ”they said.
It was noted that the advantages of İZBAN were as follows: With the "Park and go" method, private vehicle owners participated in public transportation. Workplaces in industrial zones directed their personnel to İZBAN trains instead of service. The stations, all of which have disabled access, provided freedom of transportation for the disabled. The 80 km distance that took 90 minutes enabled more people to use trains. Thanks to the line passing through the center of the city, it became the primary choice of everyone. Good integration with other transport actors made transfer efficient.

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