Work Accident in Eskişehir Railway

Work Accident in Eskişehir Railway
Ayhan Karavil, chairman of the Eskişehir branch of the Demiryol-İş union, stated that they were in pain of losing their friend Hüseyin Saraçoğlu as a result of an unfortunate occupational accident and wished that such pain would not happen after that.
At the TULOMSAS Wagon Factory, XANLAM evaluated the unfortunate work accident on February and said that they were in deep sorrow of losing one of their friends.
TÜLOMSAŞ Karavil, who established the first OHS system in Eskişehir and explained that it is a factory that carries out the risk analysis for every job done in this subject, said: reminds me. First of all, we have an understanding that says. Human Biz. We know that the factory management has the same sensitivity. We hope that there will be no such painful accidents. Hüseyin Saraçoğlu, who passed away, beg worshiped to our friend.

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