Turkey Made Its First Train Export To Bulgaria After 30 Years

Turkey made exports to Bulgaria 30 years after the first train. Train wagons were loaded to the ferry from Lapseki district of Çanakkale.

Train wagons manufactured by the 'Yavuzlar' wagon company in Sakarya are exported to Bulgaria. Company officials using the Lapseki-Gelibolu ferry line stated that they will deliver the first batch. Gestaş A.Ş. It has been stated that the train wagons, which will pass to the Gallipoli peninsula by a private voyage, will be delivered in 15 parties.

Turkey Wagon Industry and Chairman of the Board General Manager Erol Inal, "Previously, train wagons Turkey was importing from Europe. For the first time in our history, 30 year after year we produce and export luxury train with passenger bed capacity. We signed the necessary contracts with Bulgaria. Today, using the Lapseki-Gallipoli ferry line, our first party left for Bulgaria. We will send 30 pieces at the first party. Our wagons are luxurious and bed. Of course, we are also in Turkey Wagon Industry guru. This is a national guru in terms in terms of we and Turkey. Turkey imports drop a structure that we can be able to export, "he said.

The shipping company representatives, "the guru an exciting event for Turkey. We used to get it from abroad. We are producing ourselves now. Each of the train wagons is around 30 to 32 meters. Gestaş A.Ş. by private voyage to Gallipoli Peninsula. From there we will complete our passage through the Kapıkule border crossing and transfer our exports to Bulgaria ule.

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