20 Million Logistics Base

SUPPLY chain management, warehousing, transportation and based in Turkey, one of the top five companies in the international transport Istanbul Netlog, began to 20 million worth of investment in Las Vegas.
Head of the board of directors due to the construction work of the logistics base on the 40 acres land in Bayır town, Muğla, Şahap Çak, Chairman of the Board, said that the investment was made in the city by the businessman Safa Altaş. Çak, istiy as Netlog Logistics, we wanted to invest in South Aegean. For this we have searched for 6 months. We decided to do it in Muğla with the efforts of Safa Altaş. The investment will cost 20 million TL and will employ about 400 people. Such a facility will bring about the economic life of the region. 3 in Izmir, 2 in Antalya, we have a facility in Afyon. However, the logistics base to be built in Muğla will be the largest among them. Such a facility is not yet in Izmir, Böyle he said.
Produce production
Expressing that they distribute many national and international brands throughout the country, Çak pointed out that they distribute food products produced by local companies throughout the country. Alar After having such a large distribution network, we have a request from Muğla. We want to distribute the food products of Muğla based on agriculture throughout the country. But before that, production is required. For this purpose we would like to make a call to our businessmen. Let Muğla produce, we market. The honey of Muğla and the almond of Datça and the olive oil of Milas are all important products. But they need to be branded. Let Muğla brand produce, we take all food production and brands of Muğla to domestic and worldwide and market them. Let the region win, the country wins our corporate motto, Bölge he said.
Netlog firms of Turkey's area of ​​emphasis is the leader Safa Altas, "Netlog supply chain management core services Logistics Group, storage, transportation, international transportation, the main sectors of dry food, cold chain, textile, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, construction is technology. 12 3 500 51 2 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX This group now adds a ring to the food and cold air chain in Muğla. Ahmet Karaosmanoğlu, a member of the MUTSO Development Movement, will perform the construction. All kinds of construction will be supplied from Muğla. İnşaat

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