17nci World Junior Snowboard Championship Assessed

Turkey Ski Federation Board Member Mustafa Efendioğlu, held in Erzurum 17th World Junior Snowboarding Championships değerlendirdimustaf to Efendioğlu, said they left behind a highly successful championships,? "FISA said, athletes also left very satisfied. We believe we are providing a significant contribution to Turkey's candidacy for the 2020 Olympics, "he said.

Efendioğlu said that the Deputy Governor Özgür Arslan, especially the Governor Sebahattin Öztürk, and the Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports have made serious efforts for the championship to be held. offer. In addition, Atatürk University has made incredible contributions. From the army of 250-300 volunteers to the establishment of the communication center of the Faculty of Communication, Atatürk University has always been with us ”.

Reminding that nearly 400 athletes, who are shown as the star athletes of the future, have been competing for 10 days, Efendioğlu said that there were no great misfortunes except for the 3-4 injured accident, and this showed the success of the organization.

Efendioğlu, who stated that the “very good” rating was given in the preliminary report of FIS and that this is a pleasing result, continued as follows:

“First of all, we also thank the press members. They made a great contribution by showing great interest from the beginning to the end of the championship. The only shortcoming of the championship was the audience. We will do our best to attract the audience in future organizations. Although the audience did not come to the races, the hospitality and the executives that came down to the city center received great praise. Everyone who went to the city conveyed their happiness and appreciation, which made us satisfied. I also extend our thanks to the Provincial Directorate of Health and the Gendarmerie teams through you.

Canada and Switzerland succeeded in the championship. Since there are very new branches for us, there was no success, but it was a good experience and experience. Hopefully there will be a medal in the coming years. To summarize, we had a very successful championship. As the Ski Federation, we thank all the people and institutions that contributed to this successful process. ”

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