14 high-speed train to the city

14 high-speed train to the city
Prime Minister Erdogan gave the citizens the good news of two high speed trains. Erdogan said, “We are opening EskisehirIstanbul line on 29 October. We will connect 14 cities with high speed trains.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan opened the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line, which will reduce the journey time between Eskişehir and Konya to 2 hours. The opening in Eskisehir two good news that Prime Minister Erdogan, Turkey is now stressing that become a country exporting rails to the world, "High-speed railway construction and the world's 8th in the business, we have become Europe's 6th country," he said.
Prime Minister Erdogan emphasized that the EskisehirIstanbul high-speed train line will be put into service on October 29 at the same time as the Marmaray project. Erdogan said: “We will include Sivas, Yozgat, Kırıkkale, Afyon, Uşak, Manisa, İzmir and Bursa in this network in a few years. We will connect Eskişehir to 14 different provinces via high speed train. We have scheduled the construction of the high speed train line from Konya to the south, such as Karaman, Mersin, Adana, Osmaniye, and Gaziantep. I hope we will reach all cities by high speed train in a short time. "
3 high-speed train from the capital Erdogan explained that they connect to each other, said: "Seljuk capital Konya, Turkey capital Ankara and Eskisehir Turkish World Capital of Culture embrace each other. Sivas, which was the capital of the Seljuks for a period, will also participate in this meeting. Hoca Nasrettin was born in Eskişehir Sivrihisar, studied in Konya Akşehir and passed away there. Sooner or later, Hodja Nasreddin reached his destination, whether he was on the back of his donkey or on a flat. We are now bringing the road that Hodja Nasrettin took to the high-speed train. Whether you ride the opposite or straight, you will go in 2 hours. "
Emphasizing the facilities of TÜLOMSAŞ, which produced 'Bozkurt' and 'Karakurt' locomotives and 'Revolution' car in the past, Prime Minister Erdoğan said, “We turned this place into a modern facility that exports locomotives to Europe. We don't get stuck with the locals. We are not confined within borders. Not so, 10 years ago to make high-speed train to leave Turkey 100 years ago, did not renew the existing railways made 150 years ago, "he said.

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