The EIA meeting held yesterday for the YHT was tense (Photo Gallery)

The EIA meeting held yesterday for YHT was stretched
The EIA meeting held for YHT was the scene of tense moments. At the meeting, YHT will not be a stop in our province in was put forward. The governor Ercan Topaca, who came to the harshest case on the subject, said, ici The contractor firm decided on YHT's stops. Gebze, Izmit Railway Station and Sapanca will have stops in YHT, Geb he said.
For the High Speed ​​Train (YHT), an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) meeting was held at Leyla Atakan Cultural Center. In the evaluation meeting conducted by MSG Project which carries out the ethical project engineering services and prepares the EIA evaluation report, Kocaeli Environment and Urban Planning Provincial Directorate EIA Branch Manager Osman Kazgan, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization officials, MSG Project authorized Environmental Engineer Özgür Özkan, CHP members and citizens attended.
Environmentalists who had not made the EIA meeting for the quarry to be established in Maşukiye Soğuksu Neighborhood in the past months were expected to prevent the meeting of the EIA held yesterday. No one was trying to prevent the meeting under intense security measures. The EIA meeting of the Sincan-Çayırhan-İstanbul railway, Ankara-Kocaeli section planned to be built within the borders of Ankara, Bolu, Sakarya and Kocaeli by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications was the scene of tense moments.
Kocaeli Environmental and Urban Planning Provincial Directorate EIA Branch Manager Osman Kazgan made an interesting attempt to start the meeting. Kazgan warned the participants that ıları Although the meeting is prevented, we will be deemed to have made this meeting because we are here Kaz. Then, Ozgur Ozkan, Environmental Engineer of MSG Project Company, gave information about YHT.
Explaining the environmental effects of HRC, Ozkan said, “Excavation and filling works will be required. Therefore, it will have effects like dust, sound. It is a very important project because it will reduce the distance from Ankara to Istanbul by 1 hours. Ankara Then the question and answer section was started. Member of CHP Environmental Health Commission Fatih Çağlar asked where to get the materials.
Özkan answered the question of Çağlar, ön We need about 30 million cubic meters of front excavation. We prioritize using the material that I removed as a priority. For the need of gravel, we supply the existing quarries. There's no quarry now. If any material quarry needs to be opened, an environmental work is done again. Herhangi
Then CHP Provincial Councilor Mehmet Kaçar took the floor. Kaçar, YHT for the feasibility of the project in Kocaeli within the boundaries of any station, he said. Saying that Kocaeli is a city that is constantly being murdered with its nature and environment, Kaçar said: söyleyen You said that there isn't any station in your presentation.
KOCAELY cannot benefit
Even the station was not built for this project called civilization. I have seen in Kocaeli this project called this project of the century. If there won't be a stop for YHT in Kocaeli, let's let the high-speed train pass by. What we understand is that if Kocaeli people can not benefit from this fast train, they will be dismissed. Bu
ÇED Branch Manager Osman Kazgan replied that ac Once he has a talk, he will not speak again söy. ÇEKÜL President Numan Gülşah brought the historical museum, which was recently destroyed, to YHT. Gülşah, "Izmit station or stall area is not put into this city is insulting," he said.
Explaining why the station is not included in the project, Özkan said, getiren It is very difficult to organize a railway route. Because Adapazarı was very close, there was no station in Kocaeli. But we'il consider it. Kocaeli wants a station Kocaeli he said. In the ÇED meeting, Mustafa Akçakaya from the village of Karaabdülbaki, who criticized the coming of Maşukiye and accused the CHP members, and the CHP General Assembly Member Ahmet Uzun reacted very hard.
Uzun, Maşukiye'da Akcakaya'yı speaking to the quarry as if they allow the quarry, "We know you have a quarry. That's why you're not making a sound. Çıkart Tense moments of the meeting, the CHP Mehmet Kacar, Akçakaya took out and took. The inhabitants of Bayraktar Village demanded that YHT be taken out of the agricultural areas. Ozkan, who is responsible for MSG said, bir You will not have a problem with field transitions. Agricultural areas can be regulated by expropriation because it is private property Tarım.
At the EIA meeting of the High Speed ​​Train, the governor Ercan Topaca, whom we met with the telephone in connection with the allegation of Er There will not be a stop of YHT in our city, “replied, ında This is speculation. Contractor firm decided to stop the YHT. Considering that this investment will pay itself only with its passenger, 600 with a population of 1000 people in Gebze and the surrounding districts, 600-700 does not stop the train in the city with a population of 1000 people. There will be stops in Gebze, Izmit Railway Station and Sapanca. This project was not made to carry passengers between Istanbul and Ankara. Previously this issue has come up and we talked with the General Directorate of State Railways. There's no problem with the stop.

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