Yozgat Sivas Highway Closed to 2 and a Half Hour Traffic

In Yozgat, in the evening, as the air temperature fell below zero, icing occurred on the roads. Especially on the E-88 highway passing through Yozgat city center, when the vehicles had difficulty in moving on the road, the traffic teams did not leave vehicles in the direction of Sivas.
Traffic teams repeatedly asked for help with the road icing of highways, highways teams were delayed in the work of salting. When the sent salting tool failed, the traffic teams again asked to send a salting vehicle from the roads again. Due to the icing on the roads, intercity passenger buses were taken to the Yozgat Terminal. The lorry and bus drivers waiting for the road to be opened said that the roads were not salted and they kept ice and were on their way.
After approximately 2,5 hour, the road was opened to traffic with salinization.

Source: haberxnumx



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