Don't pity the money for YHT's Gulf crossing!

Don't pity the money for YHT's Gulf crossing!
Human beings are sensitive to the environment, social and urban problems, and making noises does not prove that this person necessarily behaves because he / she desires to do some tasks. Moreover, it is inconvenient for them to be nominated for duties such as mayor if they are highly sensitive to the problems, especially if they offer a solution in a common sense while criticizing the wrongs. Moreover, the authority to elect and elect not a candidate, is it not in the public because of democracy?
The most prominent example in Bursa is Necati Şahin, the Head of Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers.
Şahin, as the chairman of the academic chamber, makes a report on the results of the investigations he has conducted with the members of the board of directors and related committees and announces them to the public through the press.
He has so far criticized the fact that the buildings in Bursa, including the reconstruction plans, were wrong about the earthquake safety, the highway route and the urban transportation projects, and he explained the necessities in a calm and guiding style.
Sahin, the previous day against the Bursa media again. Together with the transportation commission established within the body of İMO Bursa Branch, they have recently examined the high speed train (YHT) project, which is the foundation of Bursa main station by three ministers. They have very important determinations.
Necati Sahin emphasizes the following point:
”A high-speed train should be considered when building a bridge that will provide the passage of the Istanbul-Izmir Motorway.“
Quite a logical warning .. Sahin as the Gulf pass, the opportunity not to be missed in the century .. If the fast train is passed over the bridge to the Gulf of Izmir from Bursa to Istanbul 30 minutes will be!
5-6, formerly 2-3, and later, with Topçular-Eskihisar car ferries, we went to Istanbul 75-80 hour, after the Güzelyalı Fast Ferry Pier was built, we had to leave the door when we started to go XNUMX-XNUMX every minute by sea!
Look at the technology? Bursa-Istanbul 30 minutes by high-speed train!
High speed trains are very high, of course. As the distance between cities will shorten, economic life will be revived and development will accelerate.
Necati Sahin says;
Ih The cost of the high-speed rail and rail system on the Gulf is negligible in the face of the size of the expected public interest. “
So worth the money to be spent ..

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