Bursa will win the goodwill fight

Bursa will win the goodwill fight
Mutual pulses have not been checked. A solution and remedy can not be found.You are right, I'm right, the mass transportation fight began. The managers of the Private Chamber of Public Buses çık We are leaving the combined ticket network, we will continue to serve our own tickets kav opened the flag. sarı I put 100 (yellow) bus on your lines di In short; The decision of resolution and remedy was decided instead. The disagreement has deepened. The swords were taken. Resting became more severe. Tension climbed as tensions escalated. Everyone began to question, "What will happen now?"
In the last two weeks that we have left behind, the scenarios of the fight, which we tried to summarize above, between Private Public Buses (green buses) and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and BURULAŞ (yellow buses) on public transport services kept the agenda busy.
Private Public Coaches carried free transportation on the previous Saturday and Sunday. For this reason, it is necessary to congratulate themselves for preventing the victimization of the people. In such an environment, he woke up from his "good intentions" sleep. And… he established two “reconciliation tables”, one in the daytime and the other in the evening. The result did not come out again. It did not come out, but the "mutual goodwill agreement" was lifted from that compromise table.
At this point, especially the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe's discretion should be appreciated.
I asked Ramazan Çalan, the President of the Chamber of Public Peoples' Buses in Bursa, for his memoir of etmek reconciliation table ve and the prevailing lar goodwill Bursa victory. .We want to provide our demands such as transparent, equivocal, fair share of progress payments. We want this for ourselves, our profession and our colleagues, our people we serve, and our city we live in..
Mayor Çalan also said important things about his future, his goals, objectives and expectations. Büro Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe gave instructions to the bureaucrats, lawyers and staff about the issue in good faith. First of all, I have to say. This pleased us. We were equally keen to show goodwill and closeness. The parties are carrying out serious work on reconciliation. I hope it will end as soon as possible. We also share this with the public in Bursa Bursa. Intent is good, mind can not be solved when there is a problem.

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