Rail system works continue on Beyazşehir Gesi road | Kayseri

Railroad work is under way in Beyazşehir Gesi
Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality on the way to the rail system and road editing work continues.
According to the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, while the works for the Ildem and Talas line of Kayseray, which broke new ground in Kayseri, are continuing at full speed, the road expansion and arrangement works continue in parallel with the rail system line.
Within the scope of the project that will extend Kayseray to İldem, while the rail system and vehicle route route is created between Mimarsinan Junction-Gesi road junction and İldem line, some arrangements are made to ensure the safe flow of traffic.
While the roads are arranged with 2 lanes in the direction of departure and return, electricity, water and sewer lines have also started to be renewed.
Road lightings and pedestrian roads and open parking areas in the work continues at full speed. 9 mile length of the East Garage-Ildem line for the expansion and editing work of the total 11 million pounds are envisaged.
Mehmet Özhaseki, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, noted that the weight of the air is being improved with the improvement of the weather.
“Kayseray, which was put into service on August 1, 2009 and is among the exemplary light rail system projects with its success in a short time, made Kayseri the model city of modern public transportation. In addition to the rail system works that grow with the 2nd and 3rd stages, we also carry out road arrangement and infrastructure services. In this context, the road expansion works between Sivas Street and Gesi road junction and Ildem line gained speed. With these studies, we aim to ensure the safe and fast flow of traffic "
The İldem line of the rail system will reach Beyazşehir and İldem regions from Mimarsinan Junction. There will be 9 passenger stations on this 11-kilometer line.

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