Last Chance for Forgetful People

Last Chance for Forgetful People
EGO buses in Metro and ANKARAY, forgotten by the passengers, but the owners can not be reached the goods, tomorrow (15 February) will be put on sale with a tender. Hundreds of lost items, such as laptop, video player, mobile phone, electronic items, as well as a clamp and a gun magazine is remarkable.
Thousands of lost goods kept in the Lost Property Service established in the Department of Bus Operation of EGO General Directorate will be put up for sale at the 1 Bus Terminal at the same time as the 15 annual waiting period is completed. With the coordination of EGO Bus Operation Department and Purchasing Department, it was stated that the last chance was for the capital city who were looking for lost items of the tender.
EGO buses, Metro and ANKARAY after being forgotten by the passengers by the drivers and motion officers who are delivered to the Lost Property Service on the owners of information about the owners, EGO officials are calling by phone. The list of items whose owners cannot be reached is also indicated by EGO General Directorate periodically. is is published on the internet site. The list of missing items is also announced by the Police Radio. The missing items are taken to the sales list if the owners do not appear in the 1 year. EGO officials who lost or lost their belongings in public transportation vehicles, Ankara, applying the necessary information by applying to the Lost Property Offices, the goods can be delivered to sign the signature.
Among the lost items are identity cards such as identity cards, business card ID, debit card, driver's license, old card, umbrella, clothes, jackets, coats as well as many textbooks, as well as laptop, vcd, mobile phone, mp -3 player, electronic equipment such as satellite receiver. Forgotten items include 1 pieces of dentures, 1 pieces of clamp and 1 pistol magazine.

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