General Director of TÜLOMSAŞ Hunter 12 said

General Director of TÜLOMSAŞ Hunter 12 said
TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Avcı said their sub-industry was able to sell products to world giants
The contractor General Manager Hayri Avci, noting the importance of TÜLOMSAŞ on the Eskisehir and Turkey's economy in 2012, he said TÜLOMSAŞ a 12 percent growth in real terms. Stating that they increased their contribution to the Gross National Product by 2012 percent in 20, Avcı said, “We want Eskişehir to be the center of 7 sectors related to the railway. We have never approached TÜLOMSAŞ as a public institution. We do not use public resources. We have no burden on the state. Our real growth is 12 percent. Our contribution to GNP has increased by 20 percent. We are approaching 110 million. Our contribution to the country, Eskişehir is very high. We support the markets by purchasing goods. “25 percent of the goods we buy are from Eskişehir”.
Hunter fir GE managers also talked about the companies operating in the railway sector and we made a sector evaluation meeting at Christmas. They said that they want to improve their cooperation with TÜLOMSAŞ. Let's do the engineering work together, determine the variety of products together. Let us act jointly in all markets in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. We produce and sell in TULOMSAS. Our subsidiary industry to sell goods to GE, Yan he said.
Indicating that Eskişehir is now the center of rail and rail systems as a center and TÜLOMSAŞ as it is attached to him, Avcı said, ler TÜLOMSAŞ will be able to take Eskişehir forward and TÜLOMSAŞ will survive the league. According to the 2012 year records, approximately 5 thousand people are working for TÜLOMSAŞ in Eskişehir. Together with the employees, we find the number 6 bin 500. 15 thousand people in Turkey about doing business with us. that was the center of Eskişehir's rail systems occurred firm conviction in Turkey.
Major investments will come. 30 is aiming to create a sector of 1,000 people. Companies working with us can look to the future with confidence. They can make new investments with this sector. Bu

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