The authorities of the company to implement the trolleybus project in Kütahyada

The authorities of the company to implement the trolleybus project in Kütahyada
Hungarian Ikarus Bus company officials, who will realize the Trolleybus Project developed by Kütahya Municipality in the field of transportation, visited the Mayor Mustafa Iça. During the meeting, our Mayor Mustafa İça said, “We had a good opportunity to visit the Istanbul Consul General of Hungary in Kütahya. During our visits in Hungary, we met with Ikarus officials there for the first time. Then, we developed these meetings at the meeting held in Istanbul. We are in a study to expand the framework of all these meetings held today to go to the conclusion. There is a great demand for trolleybus in public transportation in our country and neighboring countries. We are going through a process as this request is legally mandatory rather than just a request. First, the parties will coordinate the investment. ” Later, President Iça made a presentation about the Trolleybus Project and conveyed detailed information to the participants. AK Party Deputy Kütahya Vural Kavuncu and President-Turkey Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group in Hungary, he stated the following in his speech: "Turkey has a historical friendship of Hungary. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan 's visit to Turkey after his talks in Hungary up to 2,5 billion dollars of business volume between Hungary 2015. The decision was taken to remove $ 5 billion. We are happy to see the first steps of this with your channel in Kütahya. ” Consul General of Hungary to Istanbul, Gabor Kiss, Honorary Consul of Hungary İsmet Güral, Deputy Mayor Halil Toklu, Ikarus Company Officials, Kütahya Municipality Transportation Services Directorate and İstanbul Transportation A.Ş. officials attended.

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