The dream of trolleybus is happening in Kütahya

The dream of trolleybus is happening in Kütahya
Kütahya Municipality, which has come a long way in public transportation and undersigned important services in recent years, is preparing to undertake another giant project. In Kütahya, the first concrete step was taken regarding the trolleybus project, which has been spoken by the public for a long time but seen as a dream, and the application project approval came from Kütahya Mayor Mustafa İça. The first phase of the project carried out by Kütahya Transportation Services is planned to be completed in 16 months. Speaking about the project, Transportation Services Manager Hasan Demir stated that they will do their best to complete the project, which will be realized in 3 stages, as soon as possible.
Pointing out that their target in the first stage is the main line between Zafertepe KYK and DPÜ Evliya Çelebi Campus, Demir said, “This line is Germiyan Campus, Afyon Street, Officers' Lodging, Highways, DPÜ Evliya Çelebi Hospital, Vase, Adnan Menderes Boulevard, Yoncalı, Çamlıca road crossing, Bölcek, Dumlupınar, Kirazpınar and DPÜ Evliya Çelebi Campus. The second stage is the direct line between Vazo and Bus Terminal. There are no alleys and breaks on the second line. Our trolleybuses are 18 meter articulated and electrically powered buses. Looking forward will go as far as Kümaş. Our third line will be between the Central campus and Yoncalı. Our trolleybus lines are approximately 44 kilometers. Our other vehicles will form a fishbone line to this main artery. "These lines will carry people in the slums where the trolleybus cannot enter."

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