Trabzon Tirebolu Gumushane Erzincan railway press release

Trabzon Tirebolu Gumushane Erzincan railway press release
Giresun federation, Giresun foundation and Tirebolu associations fed together in Istanbul and conducted a joint press release for Trabzon, Tirebolu, Gümüşhane and Erzincan railway which are undergoing studies and project studies.
At the meeting held at the Headquarters of Giresun Federation, it was revealed that the railway tender which will start from Erzincan and go to Trabzon via Gümüşhane should be made in a way that will cover Tirebolu.
Giresun NGOs will make every effort on the subject, while the rationale for the railway-port connection will be solved by providing a new port or port of Giresun to Tirebolu.
In recent days, a meeting was held in Giresun Federation on the developments in the railway project that will connect the Eastern Anatolia to the Black Sea. Giresun Federation President Hasan Turan, federation member Mustafa Coşkun and Railway Commission President Çınar Çetinkaya and Giresun Foundation President Bahattin Şener, President of TİRDEF (Federation of Tirebolu Associations) Haldun Domaç and President of Zeytinburnu Tirebolu Association Engin Yıldırım participated in the meeting. It was evaluated.
It will be concluded that the railway tender which will connect the Eastern Anatolia to the Black Sea will be completed in Trabzon via Erzincan-Gümüşhane, and it is natural and satisfactory to choose Trabzon as the center of our neighboring province and region.
The statement said the following; Ud Our expectation here is a connection way to Tirebolu (Erzincan-Gümüşhane-Tirebolu-Trabzon) mentioned at the exit of the project. We would like to include the main route of the connection road to Tirebolu by separating it on Gümüşhane. Gümüş
The importance of equality in the principle of equality in regional development was emphasized. In such a case, all non-governmental organizations of Giresun will make efforts to warn the competent authorities in an organized activity.
It was pointed out that the commissioning of the Tirebolu line would create an economic revival for Giresun, and pointed out that the railway-port link, which was set as an obstacle in front of the line, would be overcome by two projects.
- A new port to be built in the appropriate area in Tirebolu;
- Finalizing the railway line with Giresun connection in order to make Giresun Port operational;
At the end of the meeting, it was stated that the studies will continue for the mobilization of authorized persons and institutions at the solution point.

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