Gondolas with 10 Personality

New investments will be made by the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. One of these investments will be made in the Erciyes Ski Center Tekir region. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki said that the 7-kilometer cable car will be removed and a gondola that will carry 10 people per cabin, and that these gondolas will be put into service shortly.

Mehmet Özhaseki talked about the newly thought investments in Erciyes. The citizen showed great interest in the program. President Özhaseki stated that the existing cable car system in Tekir plateau will be removed and instead they will install a gondola system with 10-person capacity cabins. Özhaseki announced that the facility will be put into service next year. “After 2 years, we create a place where 35 thousand people can ski every hour. We will also complete this. This is the environment where we will relieve stress in the 6-month period of winter. Anatolia Wonderland, where there is a place where we can have fun in the summer, will be put into service two months later. We want to raise the opening of these facilities for the 19 May Youth and Sports Day. 10 events will be held here. Ice patent track, laser games, water skiing will be done. There is a man and there will be skiing in the watery area around him. Disneyland will feature excitement and activities. ” said.



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