TCDD Announces Press Release Against Young Allegations

TCDD Announces Press Release Against Young Allegations
Yesterday, a news report on a trade union website appeared on the internet media, social networking sites and a daily newspaper.
News “without money in the pocket” Ö.G. 17, a young man named 20-30, who was beaten by security guards when he wanted to get on a free train, was beaten with a truncheon on the platform and in the room, where the passengers intervened, the security guards attacked the passengers. the wounded child was beaten again, the security guards sprayed pepper gas and spray to the passengers, Ö.G.'s finger was broken and his face remained in the blood.
It is deemed necessary to make the following description on the subject.
1- All the information in the news is a lie and a dream, except for the person's name and the fact that he tries to board the train for free.
2- News is one of the great examples of the fake and metamorphosis of an event.
3- There is only one security guard at Yenikapı station, not “security guards”.
4- Ö.G. named, wanted to take the train from the opposite turnstile with friends, tried to prevent the security task, Ö.G. and the nose of the security guard was broken.
5- Meanwhile, Ö.G.'s friends attacked the security guard.
6- In the news, Ö.G.'s breaking his finger was due to his inability to adjust the balance in his fist.
7- The allegations that the 20-30 security guard arrived at the scene, that the child was beaten, sprayed and sprayed with pepper spray on the passengers, shows how adept the “” messenger is lying. Because, Yenikapı-Halkalı There is no 20-30 security at that time, even at all stations between.
8- The incident was transferred to the security and the subject was recorded in the minutes.
9- The “blood taki in the bloody photo on the said site is not the broken finger of Ö.G., but the blood of our broken security officer.
10-A site that claims to defend the rights of the laborer shows a cruel and violent worker who is injured and injured by the platform and train bullies and shows the window in which he views the labor and laborer.
It will be publicly honored.

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