TCDD Building Burned Flame

TCDD building burned in flames: Kadıköy'Well, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) of unused fire broke out in a two storey building. It was suggested that the fire, which did not cause any loss of life and injury, was caused by thinners.

The incident occurred at 2 on Bostanci Mosque Street No. 19.30 yesterday evening. In an unused 2-storey building, which is stated to belong to TCDD, a fire broke out for an unknown reason. Seeing that the flames had risen from the building, residents called the fire brigade and asked for help. Arriving at the scene in a short time upon notice Kadıköy, Erenköy and Maltepe firefighters intervened in the fire with pressurized water. After about an hour of hard work, the flames were brought under control. Heavy damage occurred in the building in the fire, where no casualties and injuries were experienced. It was claimed that the fire, the cause of which has not been determined yet, was started by the thinners who used the building as a shelter. Erol Zengin, one of the residents of the area, said, “Thinner dealers live here. This is a building belonging to TCDD. A month ago they burned a vehicle here again. Unfortunately, those children are burning this building today. Unfortunately, (fire) thinners are definitely doing. The fire brigade arrived on time, ”he said. Firefighters and police teams launched a large-scale investigation and investigation to detect the fire. - Time

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  1. .tcdd buildings and (even if idle) the vehicle must secure its assets, wagons etc. burned in the wagons waiting in the Pamukova Burned properties should not be left unattended .. so the managers are sleeping.