Partition Kabataş Funicular Line


Taksim in IstanbulKabataş Passengers walked through the tunnel when the funicular line broke out early in the morning. Passengers were trapped for about 08 minutes in the funicular, which stopped at 50:11 with a heavy brake.

Although it was announced that the funicular would move 'soon' 1-2 minutes after the hard brake, panic arose among the passengers as the waiting period passed. When the waiting time was 10 minutes, the passengers punching the doors of the funiculars, not waiting for a new announcement, opened the doors using the emergency buttons.

While the passengers were trying to get out of the tunnel in a single line, the announcement was made inside the funicular that 'Doors will be opened soon'.

By the way, Taksim-Kabataş funicular line also failed in July of last year, passengers had to walk inside the tunnel after waiting 10 minutes inside.

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