Tahtali 2365m / Olympos Teleferik

Tahtali 2365m / Olympos Teleferik

We share our article only with a trip and traveler size. In the reports prepared by the NGO hala The permission to build a ropeway and ski slope in the Tahtali Mountain in the Beydaglari National Park still threatens the 25 species including the 860 plant species found in this region and leads to drawbacks related to water resources. Hazırlanan we have concerns.

Antalya this time from the high, as well as 2365 m. we looked at the high from TAHTALI MOUNTAIN. When we left Antalya, the temperature of 18C was on a very cold weather between the Snow and the Tahtalı Mountain. Far from the strong wind, minus degrees, rather than a very short time, this climate change is really human beats.

In a short time, we mean a cable car ride that lasts about 10 minutes. One of the longest ropeways in the world, ime OLIMPOS TELEFERIC C is one of the tallest ropeways in the world. But despite all this, everything is still warm !.

To reach the "OLIMPOS TELEFERİK" sub-station, if you are coming from Antalya (which we did), you pass the first turn of Beldibi, Göynük, Kemer, Kiriş and Çamyuva and continue until the sign on the right side of the road that says Teleferik. Afterwards, a wonderful forest road awaits you for 8 km. There is such a beauty that the Tahtalı Mountain in the snow visible among the trees leaning towards the road gives wonderful images. As you move towards the geography of cedar trees, these trees, which are considered to be world heritage, are starting to show themselves around. Of course, the real feast is after you get on the cable car. The place where the road ends is of course the Olympos cable car sub station.

This station is a beautiful and modern building with similarities to stations in Europe. You're on the way up here while you're coming. Height of the sub-station from the sea 726 m. After you enter the gate, you have a cute buffet to eat - before you get to the ticket office and the cable car cabin. The side of the balcony can be reached right from the side and there are tables and chairs that allow you to sit in both landscape and trees.

We understand that it is time for us to get on the cable car without moving, and we are on an upper floor towards the boarding turnstiles.

After that, as in our high-rise ropeway adventure, it is a two-way perspective. You do not understand the size of the natural ascending elevations as you are constantly rising in front of the cab. The rear side of the cab prevents these distractions from being distracted and allows you to travel in a more beautiful landscape if there is an open air.

What is nice about winter is that you travel to another season that is outside the season. From winter to winter and winter to winter.

During our journey there were about 30 people in the cabin. With the separation of the lift from the station, there is a little bit of excitement, like every person whose feet are cut off. Some of the 4 carrier poles are made with physics and static calculations. In fact, such a good calculation should be comforting you, especially when the right side of the slope hovered on the slope! Anyone who understands that there is nothing to be afraid of, except for the little jerk and the feeling of a little jerky that you feel as you pass through the masts. I speak on behalf of others because I have many journeys here.

When you reach the summit, you are surprised to see the white view of the place, the ice and the clouds. When you enter the summit station, you will feel the odor of this large, multi-storey building. First there is not much to do in the garden, so you can walk around in the back garden and walk out on the snow. We're shocked as we leave. What a cold and hard wind !. You have to walk down the road because the snow is freezing from the ground. You do not have any winter sports centers located just behind and at the back of the facility.

Such a beautiful big investment and a magnificent nature are only imprisoned on a cable car journey and really betrays nature. Only a cable car made for the negativity of so many people going inside.

There is no activity at the summit. As an Alpine classic, there is a shop that sells souvenirs and there is a bistro cafe which is operated by Shakespeare. The operation of this place by Shakespeare added a lot because it had never been satisfied before. After drinking our scented cinnamon-like saleplerin (just smell and hot to be good !! I can say the worst saleplerin in my life. Shakespeare'e not fit here to tell you.) Warm thoroughly relieved. Since Salep wasn't very good, we rested for a while after having told our latte.

The facility is also very impressive, especially with the views of the terrace part at the night, used for music concerts and dining at night. The images taken from the cameras can be viewed on the website of the company. We watched the Mediterranean and Antalya landscapes with insatiability and we moved towards our own season with the cable car that moved to the 17: 00, one of the last ropeways in the winter programs.

Olympos cable car is doing a job that fits the slogan son Sea to Sky Ol.

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