Protect Sirkeci Station's Unstoppable History

sirkeci suburban line
sirkeci suburban line

Sirkeci Station Cannot Be Closed Protect Its History: Sirkeci Train Station is the center of Istanbul. Sirkeci Train Station is a monument that adorns the historical peninsula and attracts people for centuries.

Trains, rails, platforms, clocks, whistles, opening doors, footsteps, those waiting, those who run trains, those who say goodbye, and the centuries-old view of Sirkeci Train Station. It hurts one's heart to think that they will not happen from the beginning.
Members of Haydarpaşa and Solidarity platform reacted to the closure of Haydarpaşa Railway Station and the closure of Sirkeci Railway Station in March.

The group of approximately 25 members of the Solidarity Platform with Haydarpaşa protested that the Sirkeci Train Station will be closed in March following the closure of the Haydarpaşa Train Station. The group gathered in front of the Sirkeci Railway Station with banners and currency, shouted slogans such as lamaz Sirkeci station cannot be closed ”and“ Sirkeci Gardır Gar will remain Gar.

Hasan Bektaş, who made a statement on behalf of the group, said: yaratıcı It was claimed that the Marmaray project was not needed for the Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations, which are the central, historical and monumental stations of Istanbul, and that rent-generating transformation projects for international capital were implemented. Marmaray went beyond being a transportation project and became a rent project. Following the closure of Haydarpaşa on the pretext of the high-speed train and the Marmaray project, the railway connection to Anatolia was cut off. Now, the same situation is being done in Sirkecide and this time it is trying to cut the railway connection with Europe. ”

Bektas stated that the Marmaray project should be done without touching the Haydarpasa and Sirkeci stations and said, en The existing roads need to be protected while carrying out road renovation works. We have presented many examples of this to the relevant authorities. However, they persistently continue to make this mistake. ”



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