SAMULAŞ made Spring Regulation in Rail System

SAMULAŞ made Spring Regulation in Rail System
Light rail system operator SAMULAŞ Inc. said in a statement to go to the new arrangement of tramways said.
Description; 18 January sefer 18 During February semester, due to the decreasing density during the semester breaks, it is stated that there have been changes in the number of times and times of the Rail System and Express Buses. Program The Spring Program will be valid until June and will be available from 18 February 2013 on Rail and Express buses, taking into account the opening of Schools and University and the changes in passenger movements in the upcoming spring season. In The statement also announced that the Ring Lines 8 March 2013 Spring program will be applied from the date specified.
Accordingly, as of the dates specified, the number of new flights and times are as follows;

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