Fast Train to Samsun

Fast Train to Samsun
I guess the year 2035 will be an important date for Samsun.
I don't know if I see it or not.
If the great Mevla gave me so much life, I will see…
According to the statements made on this date Samsun's high-speed train adventure will begin.
Good luck.
Even if it starts and ends on that date?
We're going to call a folk song and say, gel Black train doesn't come, m'ola doesn't whistle '.
Or “train comes nice income wagons come empty” we call the song?
Is the train going to be fast or slow?
After asking these questions, I want to look at the political side.
A bait is thrown in front of the inhabitants of Samsun before each election, in case he eats.
And unfortunately those living in Samsun eat this food.
Whether he touches his stomach or not.
For the last fifteen years I've always heard these words.
I've even heard of this train if it's not fast.
Before the last election, a deputy threw his train.
He also promised to be finished in two years.
What happened?
It was probably not completed, and when it was not completed, they said ım Let's speed up this business att and threw the high-speed train in front of us.
But I have no intention of eating this bait.
I don't know if you have one.




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