High Speed ​​Train Project in Samsun

High Speed ​​Train Project in Samsun
AK Party Samsun Deputy Cemal Yilmaz, told the investments in the city. In his previous speeches, said that the high-speed train for Samsun as a priority and will be brought to the city as soon as possible Demir, this time extends the time as the target gave the date 2023.
AK Party Deputy Cemal Yılmaz Demir, who came together with the tradesmen in Samsun, said that the investments in the city increased.
attracted attention. Expressing that Samsun is the center of attraction of the Black Sea Region, Demir, with his 2023 goals
also made explanations.
MP Cemal Yılmaz Demir, AK Party Chairman of the AK Party İlcakım District and the board of directors together with
He participated in the breakfast program organized by Turgay Şen at Gülsan Industrial Site. Industrial tradesmen
Demir draws attention to the development of the country in the last 10 year.
He said that investments have also increased in Samsun. The accommodation problem that existed in the city until a few years ago
Stating that they will be solved with the completion of the hotel constructions that are under construction, Demir said, “With its port, hotels,
Samsun, with its tourism areas, is the attraction center of the Black Sea Region ”.
Deputy Demir, who said that there are some works to make it easy to reach Samsun, said, “Ankara-Delice
Double road works will begin in a few months. Delice-
Double road work will start between Samsun. Later on, Ankara -
Samsun to be built between the highway. After this project, the fast train project will be implemented. All of these
projects parallel to each other. We want to put all of them to the service of the people of Samsun before 2023, ”he said.
At the end of the program, Demir listened to the problems and demands of industrial tradesmen.

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