Sabiha Gokcen and Fast Train prevent flight from Yenisehir!

Sabiha Gokcen and Fast Train prevent flight from Yenisehir!
Even though the Deputy Prime Minister 100 tries to transfer some Yen Bursa flights mak in the project and tries to activate some companies for this purpose, Yenişehir Airport does not seem to exceed the date.
After the fact that Istanbul is on the truth with the speed train which is expected to be active in a few years with the 2.5 hour, and the fact that Istanbul is on the 45 minute highway, THY and the other private airlines do not take Yenişehir into the agenda.
Even if they take kazanthey cannot.
For example, Borajet is flying to Ankara.
She dropped the number of flights to one. Why not a customer.
And the city doesn't know because it gets up and goes.
We discussed a dolphin with little planes, and it's not fantasy.
But what is clear is that.
It will be easier to reach Sabiha Gökçen by the new motorway.
It is rational to reach here without even finding 1 hours before Istanbul gets into it.
Because this is almost time in Yenisehir.
And from every point of the world is possible to reach Sabiha, the company to come from Bursa to get the passenger and why the passenger, why did not get down with the time transfer.
I wish our Yenişehir hangar could be our own planes, even though we can fly everywhere in the world!
Since the Bursa Airlines project is also the archive headline, the new highway and the High Speed ​​Train should wait a few more years and continue ahead.
Previously even empty seats for flights were purchased but in vain.
Bursa market does not return to this market with the event of death.
The important thing is that if you make our life easier, the fast train and the Istanbul highway project are uniquely combining two major capitals.
Look at the time you saved.
I used to say, 'Is it possible?' We'd say.
Now we don't.
Ends as it starts
As it gets renewed, the back comes.
In summary, as I said in the beginning, flights to Yenişehir will not be very meaningful for tomorrow except for single 'limestone'. Of course we have an airport.
Of course, let's discuss, let's ask, drag, but let's do empathy.
Let's put the account in the house into the market. The bazaar is looking at the pocket, not against the flight.
What populism does not remember is the flight.

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