Ankara Metro as the most reliable transportation tool

Ankara Metro as the most reliable transportation tool
Ankaray, which the Metropolitan Municipality introduced to the people of Başkent on 30 August 1996, and the metro, which was put into service on 27 December 1997, is one of the most preferred public transportation vehicles of Ankara people. Last year, 100 million passengers were transported by Ankaray and the metro, which offer fast, safe and modern travel. Another striking aspect of the Başkent rail systems was the distance covered last year. The metro and Ankaray, which covers 2 million 771 thousand 145 kilometers in a year, corresponds to a distance of about 384 times to the Moon, which is 403 thousand 3.5 kilometers from the world. Ankaray, one of the Başkent rail systems, which carried the people of Başkent to different points of the city with its flights starting at 06.00 in the morning and continuing until 00.00 at night, made 61 thousand 40 trips last year, while this figure was 59 thousand 19 on the subway.

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