Camlica Mosque Will Be Accessed By Cable Car

camlica mosque project
camlica mosque project

Between Çamlıca and Mecidiyeköy, there will be a 5.5 km cable car line. The mosque, which will be built in Çamlıca, will be provided with a ropeway.

Another crazy project for Istanbul is on the agenda with the Çamlıca Mosque project. If there is a positive report from the technical studies, a 5.5 cable car line will be constructed between the mosque and the mosque Mecidiköy. The giant mosque to be built in Çamlıca can be reached by cable car.

Üsküdar Mayor Mustafa Kara gave the following information about the project:, Foreign investors, especially the Swiss, are interested in the ropeway project in Harem between Anatolia and Europe. A proposal from a Swiss company came with the build-operate-transfer model Büyük Çamlıca and Mecidiköy proposed to build a cable car. The project enters the area of ​​the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. For the time being, studies on land surveys, wind directions and direct planting areas are carried out. The planned cable car line will be the longest line going over the sea. The aesthetic effects of the Bosphorus Bridge are also studied. The route of the line is planned to extend from Büyük Çamlıca Hill to Kuzguncuk, to Beşliktaş Yıldız and from Yıldız to Mecidiköy. The Bosphorus Bridge is expected to be constructed at the height and parallel. We know that Metropolitan is looking at the project. If a positive report comes out, 18 is scheduled to be completed in the month. Olumlu

Çamlıca Mosque Project, which provides information about the Black-8 football field in the size of the giant project has reached the final stage. In the second week of March, the digs are shot. The project will be completed in 2 years, Proje he said.

There is an 2 ropeway in Istanbul

There are two cable car lines in Istanbul. Length of the cable car line between Maçka and Taşkışla 347 meters. The cable car line between Eyup and Pierloti Hill is 384 meters long.

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