7 Years Imprisonment for Metrobus Harassment

7 years prison sentence for Metrobus harassment: KadıköyMehmet Nezih B., who allegedly harassed Selma T., 29, who got on the metrobus to go to Mecidiyeköy, was sued for up to 7 years in prison for sexual assault. An indictment was prepared by the prosecutor's office regarding the incident that took place at 12:2012 am on 07.30 November 7. The suspect, who made his defense in the first hearing, said, “I was slandered. Metrobus was crowded. I did not touch with criminal intent. He asked for his acquittal, saying, "I don't remember if I hit it or not." In his statement, Selma T. said, “I felt a hand on my hip. I couldn't look back because I was stinking. He stopped caressing when the door opened and took it. I told him to stay away for a while. But he spoke to me, "I don't want to compromise." The trial was postponed to a later date, while the prosecution demanded a prison sentence of up to XNUMX years for the harasser.

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