Train comes at bullet speed

Train comes at bullet speed
The 600 lane highway will serve as a vacuum train that will go at 32 miles per hour in tubes.
The vacuum train, called "Vactrain" in CHINA, moves inside a tube with no air inside. Developed by experts from Jiaotong University in Chengdu city, the train moves with its magnetic power, just like high-speed trains. The train is planned to be built on 4.5 meters of intercity roads. The 6-person cabins in the vacuum train can accelerate from 0 to 600 kilometers in 17 seconds with magnetic propulsion. Thus, the distance of 4 kilometers between New York and Washington, which takes 400 hours, decreases to half an hour. The risk of accident is minimized during the journey, which is controlled by the latest technology computer. In the vacuum train, it was stated that a single tube is worth a 32-lane highway. Vacuum trains, which are planned to be operational in 10 years, will also be made suitable for intercontinental travel with underwater tubes.
No wheels
The vacuum train will be installed on the 4.5 meter of motorways. The vacuum train, which is simpler than the high-speed trains, will move in the airless tube.

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