Bridge Study to Relieve Tension within the scope of Marmaray Study

Gebze Darica Subway
Gebze Darica Subway

Bridge Study to Relieve Darica within the Scope of Marmaray Study. With the Fatih Bridge, which was demolished at the weekend within the scope of Marmaray studies, the solution that will relieve the traffic came from Darıca Municipality while bringing the traffic to a halt especially in the morning and in the evening. An alternative road is opened to the road which is closed on.

Opening Thursday

The alternative road made by the Municipality of Darica, together with the members of the council, examines Karabacak on the ground. The road will be from Gebze Institute of Technology to Süleyman Demirel High School. We think that we will relax the traffic for a little bit until the bridge is completed. We work with our teams day and night to raise this way to Thursday morning. Our people will be comfortable in this regard, the 4 as planned in the double-lane bridge in the completion of the moon and other entry-exit points will be solved with the opening of the traffic problem in our district will be completely solved.

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