UKAT will assume the duty of MOTAŞ in Malatya

UKAT will assume the duty of MOTAŞ in Malatya
Malatya Bus and Transport Inc. (MOTAS) General Manager Hasan Acel, the transportation of the city with the new metropolitan city of the Transport Coordination Center (UKM) will assume the task of the new, he said.
During the period when passenger transport system was constantly discussed, MOTAŞ laid down all alternatives and decided to make trolleybus to suit the city's fabric and economic structure. Passenger transport culture was changed, the principle of r Moving from Door to Door değişik was adopted. Malatya Municipality has opened an immaculate page to Malatians with its new move! Proudly speaking, the system will be controlled by a special structure where representatives from all walks will be gathered.
Malatya regained its status as a metropolitan city, from the beginning to the process of renewal! Metropolitan psychology will be instilled into society slowly! Blood incompatibility will be eliminated! Within the scope of the restructuring initiated in the city, both the names of the units connected to the official institutions will be changed and the scope of the task will be expanded. In this direction, the city will meet the Transportation Coordination Center instead of MOTAŞ, which is connected to Malatya Municipality.
The General Manager of MOTAŞ, Hasan Alıcı said that the city was ready for the transportation in the sense of transportation and added, e We have installed the Metropolitan area. When Malatya Metropolitan, Transportation Coordination Center will be established. Provincial districts, traffic, safety, gendarmerie, governorate and many other places, including the participation of all persons, how to make the most perfect transportation of Malatya, will apply, "he said.
CEO of MOTAŞ General Manager, the company is now providing service to the Malateans with the 139 vehicle, at The average age of our vehicles is 9. Our daily 120 vehicle is actively serving our people on the lines. We have a system called fishbone. We've got a Ring Road going straight. Our aim is to move passengers from door to door. We want to awaken the perception that the citizen should not get into the car, but not with the vehicle. Citizen, ride his car, going home, the vehicle until the evening in the parking lot in front of the island, waiting for work in the evening, out of work, hangs in the evening traffic, this logic leads to traffic in Malatya. We have a website called Citizens, who are members of this site, see when the car will arrive to the nearest stop. He could get out of his house and take the bus çık.
The receiver recalled that they were working on the trolleybus for a year and a half and said, an The number of passengers was taken into consideration when deciding on the Trolleybus. The number of passengers is important in transportation. We do not have the download passengers, nobody knows much, but when the citizen is looking at their own periods on the bus can always see the click. In Malatya, you take people from neighborhoods, bring them to the city, leave them to work places, take them to their homes in the evening. We did not landed in the morning until the evening. For example, we don't fit in the morning and evening hours on the university line. Because the number of passengers going to university is high. In the mornings, buses go to the university full-time and empty when they arrive. In the evening, college full of empty income. Everyone can say the different transportation system, Herkes he said.
Explaining that they are conducting a lot of research on transportation systems, Hasan Alıcı reported: ini Capacity in systems is considered as hourly passenger. Our passenger capacity per hour is not a huge number. So we thought what was the ideal system. As it is known, fuel corresponds to a large amount in transportation, we thought a system that will reduce the amount. Rail, light rail, BRT system we thought, the most suitable system for us trolleybus. The studies will be finalized in the final phase of the trolleybus. With the decision of Malatya Mayor Ahmet Çakır, this business can start today. If the trolleybus will come to life, it will go from ÖZSAN to university and from İnönü Street to Çöşnük junction. Thus, two lines will be installed. According to the plans, we planned to buy 24 trolleybuses with 10 meters of 18 meters and 10 meters of 20 meters. We think that these vehicles will be sufficient according to the number of passengers. It can be increased if needed later. İler
MOTAŞ General Manager Hasan Buyer, or Citizens, 'Malatya Metropolitan when the transportation will take the MOTAŞ, all buses will go to the village' logic, looking at the logic is not such a thing. There are minibuses going to villages in villages, UKM will organize them well. Cooperatives interested in transportation, unregistered, not acting regularly, cooperatives interested in transportation, other employees may be minibuses coordinated them. Coordinated transportation will be implemented in order to better serve the citizens. If there are those who do not work, the criminal proceedings will be applied or replaced by something else. The metropolitan will not only have transportation but will have many benefits. It is a status that will bring up our Malatya and bring new things. In UKM metropolitan cities, the municipalities of the Greater City will not be interested in transportation, and the transportation will be organized by Metropolitan bel.
. We are ready for the Metropolitan in terms of transportation. We have installed the metropolitan area. UKM will be established when Malatya is Metropolitan. In the UKM, the district will implement the transportation of Malatya by talking to us from the municipalities, traffic, safety, gendarmerie, governor and many other places, by talking about how we can make the most perfect transportation UK.

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