Mechanical Engineers Tested Domestic Tramway Silkworm

Mechanical Engineers Tested Domestic Tramway Silkworm
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the first produced local tram 'Silkworm', Chamber of Mechanical Engineers also received full marks.
İbrahim Mart, Bursa Branch President of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, who test the tram, said that he found the work to be 'successful' and the local tram did not embarrass Bursa.
Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Bursa Branch President İbrahim Mart and board members tested the silkworm at BURULAŞ facilities. Ibrahim Mart, 'the silkworm said they found the successful,' 'We made the test of the first local tram. He didn't embarrass us. very important in terms of safety engineers in Turkey. Bursa this tram project, in terms of contributing to the development of technology in Turkey is very important, "he said.
March, highlighting the project since the software process in computer environment, this time on the site is an important step for Bursa, emphasizing the tram, "We have done the necessary investigations, this tool does not have security issues," he said.
Taha Aydın, the consultant of the Metropolitan Municipality, who is working in the production of Bursa's first local tram, said that the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers supported the project. Noting that the engineers who work in the sector are aware of the value of the project, Aydın said, değin We designed and produced our vehicle according to international standards. All certificates were also received. If the international European standards predict what was designed in terms of security. 2 vehicles will also test their weight with sandbags for months. The harmony between the road and the car is only provided in this period, Yol he said. Aydın emphasized that the tram is very safe.

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