Trampled your tail?

Trampled your tail?
I don't know if you remember, ticketers would have wooden boxes under their armpits. They ask you where you're going, they put two lines with a stationary pen on the stops you declare. The back of the pen is rubberized, they take away the ticket and extend it.
They put the coins in a leather bag hanging with a crossed strap on his chest.
I never forget Kısıklı Kadıköy We got on the tram. My father took a complete demand and squeezed it in my hand… I swung them down the gap where the glass slid. Doesn't a controller from the sample hospital get on?
-Yes, uncle!
- I threw them out.
I pointed the emptiness with my finger "Over here!"
Ticket 15 penny, penalty 2,5 lira.
My father acted to give money, the man said “I believed in the boy”, he patted my head and passed away ..
I could show you.
They were still in the void.
The Eletrikli tram starts its journey from 1912. Moreover, it passes through the Galata bridge and connects two lines.
Cereyan is produced from Silahtarağa electrical factory in those years.
The tram is a port on the rail, so it doesn't need steering.
What about that spinning thing? It's a hand brake, they lower the shoes and compress them.
There are already three brakes: engine brake, rail brake and parking brake. Safe in this sense.
There is a resistor numbered from one to nine which regulates the current. The higher the level, the higher the speed.
On the snowy days there is another lever that pours sand on the tracks.
There are sharp turns at the last stops, the iron wheels of the trolley car rub against the rails, making strange noises like "cvzzzck", which makes you shudder and fluff your feathers.
You ride a shelf, they call it handrail. Open the sliding door and enter the car.
The tram is a small vehicle that actually has the 18 seat, let's the 10-15 person standing alone. Alibeyköy minibuses with axes will take this.
The backrests of the seats slide and are adjusted to the direction of travel. I think it's very practical, I congratulate the engineers.
There are three warehouses, Mecidiyeköy, Beşiktaş and Atikali.
Opposite Hasanpaşa.
There is snow, it is bliss, sometimes the expedition cannot be completed, it turns back "aster!"
Istanbul residents use tram aphorisms during the day.
For example, young girls say "go to the warehouse" to young guys who are talking, "don't hang!"
When the cool guys break down, “What is that lion? "Did the tram chew its tail?" They ask.
During the armistice, the attitude of the Tramway Administration (Belgian Sofina) changed. Minorities gentlemen, the Turks treats slaves. Conductors become coarse, pushing even ladies.
Sofina does not even chant the rights it gives its employees in other countries in our country. The staff has a reasonable demand of eight hours overtime and one day a week but is ignored.
As a matter of fact, the Committee of the Tramway and Tunnel Company Operation Committee-i Allies strikes. Which is a first in our lands ...
In 1924, the number of Istanbul people traveling by tram reaches 60 million annually.
In 1939, the Tunnel Company is transferred to 175 thousand liras and the Tram company to 1.750 000 liras. IETT now call him the general manager.
In the fifties, demand has increased greatly, trolley cars carry bunch fringe passengers.
And in 1966 the rails are dismantled, trams are installed to the match.
Well done… Farewell!

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