Kütahya's Trolleybus dream comes true

Kütahya's Trolleybus dream comes true
Among the most important projects of the municipality of Kütahya, the tender approval was received in the trolleybus project, which was seen as a dream among the public. The project, which will be completed by the completion of the 3 stage, will enable the citizen to access both cheaper and clean air.
Kütahya Municipality, which has made a significant progress in public transportation in recent years and signed important services, is preparing to sign a giant project. In Kutahya, the first concrete step was taken regarding the project, which has been talked about for a long time, but it was seen as a dream. The first stage of the project carried out by Kütahya Transportation Services is planned to be completed in a period of 16 months. Speaking about the project, Director of Transportation Services Hasan Demir stated that they would do their best to complete the project as soon as possible. Noting that the project will be carried out in the 3 stage, Demir said; B When I was assigned to duty, the trolleybus was a rumor. We brought these rumors to the surface. 11 On February 2013, we received the approval of the tender of trolleybus application projects from our president Mustafa İça. Now they're in the support services office and they're going to be bidding. Zoning plans are now on the tender for drawing. This tender will be started in two months. In the meantime, projects will be drawn and passed the approval. With the implementation projects we will start soon, there will be a construction tender stage and the lines will be gradually laid. Ile First point of the targets of Zafertepe KYK and DPÜ Evliya Çelebi Campus is the main line between the iron K This line we call the line A1. Germiyan Campus, Afyon Caddesi, Officer residences, Highways, DPU Evliya Çelebi Hospital, Vase, Adnan Menderes Boulevard, Yoncalı, Çamlıca crossroads, Bölcek, Dumlupınar, Kirazpınar and DPÜ Evliya Çelebi Campus. The second stage is the direct line between the Vase and the Bus Station. There is no intermediate street and no break on the second line. Our trolley buses are 18 meter bellows and electrically operated buses. There is no obstacle to these tools. Going forward will go up to Kümaş. The third line will be between the central campus and Yoncalı. We will give a direct line for the thermal tourism revitalization. Our trolleybus lines will be approximately 44 kilometers and we will progress gradually. In our other vehicles, this main artery will form the ribbon line. These lines will carry our people in the neighborhoods where the trolleybus cannot enter. Tr
Noting that there are cheaper costs among the advantages of Troleybüs, Demir “Troleybüs is a vehicle with a much cheaper cost than the diesel. You can play as you like on the trolley bus lines. This costs very little, but you can not do this on the tram. The cost for the tram line runs on too high. 1 liter diesel 2 Euro, 5 with Turkish Lira pounds 40 penny is doing. The distance 1 liter diesel goes to the trolley bus 0,01 Euro. These operating costs mean 20 in 1. In other words, the cost of operating in 20 will decrease. Zero carbon emissions to the environment. Disabled fit. We can't end up counting the benefits. Our citizens will be cheaper now. Maybe a certain period of transportation will not be made even to the yapıl he said.
Demir said that they want the trolleybus operation by the public bus cooperative and that the priority will be given to them, and that if they do not agree, they will do it themselves. Talking about the trolleybus with the companies in Hungary and Poland, Demir said: Uz We are trying to realize the trolleybus that is mentioned as a rumor among the people. Kütahya needs this. We received the tender approval of the project. We will start the construction tender for 2013 in October. Of course, that's not for sure. The legal process is very important here. The mayor has signed and no more return. The first phase will be completed by experts within a year. İlk
Saying that they will finish fossil fuel in public transportation and that this will be in the interests of Kütahya, Hasan Demir said bitir Fossil fuel is slowly ending. But electrical energy never ends. In my period, we will end fossil fuel in public transportation. Experts say 16 will end this project in the month. What does this mean? Kütahya will provide a great advantage until the environment keeps its health and the citizen will provide cheaper transportation. Çevre
Approximately 45 thousand passengers on the trolleybus line to be made and the implementation of the project will be provided with a great convenience to transport transportation assistant deputy manager Ahmet Acar said tı There will be two main terminals. One of them is the central campus of Zafertepe and the other one. 22 km, 22 km arrival must be the total 44 km infrastructure and should be laid the line of electricity. In Kutahya, the 95 thousand passengers will be transported on this line. 45 special public bus serves on this line. 159 bus costs 159 per day. Fuel to fall to one at 20 when the trolley bus arrives. If we look at the environmental health dimension, it will make a big contribution. There will be a huge difference between the carbon monoxide gas released by the 20 bus and the other. The project includes our 159 transfer station. Because trolleybuses are long and large cars, 14-50 does not stop at intervals such as meters. The stops will be determined according to the structure of the city. There's no way to stop short distances. The 100 will be a trolleybus. An electric pole will be planted at 18 meters. Buddha 500 means that the electricity will be sewn. 110-650 A volt-to-volt is supplied. Sometimes citizens ask the other if there is an electric leak. There is no such thing in the world. A priority road will be the trolleybus. Time loss will be prevented in terms of transportation with trolleybus. Tr
Kütahya Mayor Mustafa İça, who received his comments on the trolleybus, said that the project will make a significant contribution to Kütahya and that the citizens will benefit from these services in the best way. President İca said that they had invited the company operating in Hungary to Kütahya during the trolleybus studies and said that they wanted to produce the trolleybuses in Kütahya. Technical team from Istanbul Metropolitan Transport Inc. came. He made some investigations. With this project, we will provide fast transportation to our tourists coming to Kütahya. Our public bus drivers said we should operate the trolley bus. We look forward to this opportunity. If they don't, we want to do it as a municipality. We do our best to support them. There will be a technical committee in Hungary. We are also striving for the production of trolleybuses in Kütahya. Ayrıca

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