Special News – Kemal Demirel's Railway Exhibition is at Bursa Journalists Association This Time

kemal demirel is the only member of the world
kemal demirel is the only member of the world

Former CHP Bursa deputy Kemal Demirel, the development of railways in Turkey and Bursa, especially railway lines in order to connect 1997 years from the news and pictures of the still continuous operation since the Railway Exhibition  RayHaber He also exhibited at Bursa Journalists Association, including his office.

Bursa Governor Şehabettin Harput opened the exhibition. In his opening speech, Governor Harput congratulated Kemal Demirel and said, “You are already in history. You have been instrumental in the realization of a very important service. Congratulations. May your exhibition be beneficial. ” Nuri Kolaylı, President of Bursa Journalists Association, İhsan Bölük, Hürriyet Bursa Author and  RayHaber general manager Levent Özenjoined in.

Former CHP Bursa deputy Kemal Demirel, the development of railways in Turkey and especially the railway line to connect to Bursa, where the work continues uninterrupted, since 1997 news and photos exhibited in Bursa Journalists Association. The exhibition titled ”19 Year From 1977 to 2013 to Bring Train to Bursa“, includes the news and photographs of Demirel's works for ”railway enlightenment X, as well as journalists' impressions.

The opening of the exhibition was carried out by Bursa Governor Şehabettin Harput. In his opening speech, Governor Harput congratulated Kemal Demirel and said, Kemal You have already made history. You have helped to realize a very important service. I congratulate you. Your exhibition will be better. This exhibition proves that for the city, the efforts for the country will not be wasted, and one day will find its value. Sweat, work, work and get results. I congratulate you and wish your exhibition will be beneficial. Te

After visiting the exhibition, Governor Harput signed his impressions and feelings in his memo book.


Kemal Demirel, Nilüfer district Ataevler Press the Palace of Culture in the neighborhood of Bursa Journalists Association said in a statement at the opening of the exhibition on the ground floor, "This is the only access to the exhibition railways and not the transport of countries to be on the march towards civilization by döndüğün language is a splash Bursalılarla and trying to tell all of Turkey cufcuf Kemal's, Tren Kemal, Machinist Kemal - whatever you say! - is a summary of his efforts. Tren

The exhibition, which is also called pano Railways Photography Exhibition Ser, includes the 103 dashboard consisting of news, articles and photographs of the local newspapers in the cities where Kemal Demirel broadcasts its railway activities, especially in Bursa. Located at the entrance of the exhibition Map for Turkey, Bursa outside the city that gave voice to announce the deal Demirel red, which is symbolized by the green Bursa. Demirel, railroads to go so far, but expressed that it will go late 38 city was left white. Most of these cities are in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia.

Kemal Demirel, Railways Photography Exhibition for the first time in the previous days Bursa Tayyare Culture Center opened the impressions of the residents of Bursalı said that he received great interest. Demirel stated that he had to open this second exhibition at the request of the citizens who complained about the distance of the city center.

Du At Tayyare Culture Center, it was possible to exhibit in two independent spaces. There were also difficulties for those who wanted to see the exhibition. Here we have the opportunity to exhibit in a single, unified place. I would like to thank Bursa Journalists Association and Bursa Journalists Association President Nuri Kolaylı for their support.

It wasn't about these articles and photos about our activity, but we had to make a choice because we couldn't display all of them. We have made a choice between our newspapers in Bursa and we exhibited them. Our exhibition also expresses our gratitude to the Bursa media and the distinguished members of the Bursa press. I would like to thank all my journalists who have their names or not, but always see their support and support for my work.
'The future of the railway to Bursa is now clear; the tender was made, the contractors were determined; What is the need for this exhibition? ' there will be those who say. I am most pleased with the fact that the importance of the railway is finally understood for Bursa. This exhibition shows the efforts of both the citizens and those who manage the country to understand the importance of the railway. In this respect, I sincerely applaud the project that will connect Bursa to the railways and I sincerely congratulate the employees who are the Governor of Bursa, Şehabettin Harput. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that a football match is 90 minutes. Gen

Demirel, 16 39 province in the year 8 travels through the town; 250 walking the kilometer road; in total 77 has traveled a thousand kilometers; He added that he had collected hundreds of thousands of signatures for the railroads and he shared with the citizens the views of hundreds of press conferences and press releases.

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