Kahramanmaraşa 2023e Fast Train Upcoming

Kahramanmaraşa 2023e Fast Train Upcoming
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, Turkey's Grand National Assembly MHP Dedeoglu Kahramanmaras Deputy Mesut answered a parliamentary question on numerous transportation.
High Speed ​​Train will arrive in K.Maraş until 2023
MHP Kahramanmaras deputy Mesut Dedeoglu'nun Kahramanmaras fast train project on the question whether to apply the Council of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lightning, 2023 transportation targets within the Mersin-Adana-Osmaniye-Gaziantep high-speed train project, stating that the present, Kahramanmaras I stressed that it would connect to the line even over the mountain.
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Yıldırım said, “The runway was extended from 30 meters to 45 meters wide and an additional apron was built. In addition, an expropriation problem has been experienced for a long time in order to extend the runway and extend it further 500 meters, and finally, the solution phase has been reached. When this happens, the existing 2.300/45 runway will be further extended to 2.845.
There were no flights until 2003 at Kahramanmaraş Airport. Currently, the airport operates 7 days a week from Atatürk Airport, Turkish Airlines and Anadolu Jet from Ankara 4 days a week. In addition, Kahramanmaraş Airport is within the scope of incentives. In the summer schedule, it will take place three times a week from Sabiha Gökçen. ” said.
Logistics Center 2014 to be completed by the end
Answering the proposal of MHP Kahramanmaraş Deputy Mesut Dedeoğlu about Kahramanmaraş-Türkoğlu Logistics Center, Transportation Minister Binali Yıldırım stated that they are aiming to make Kahramanmaraş-Türkoğlu Logistics Center until the end of 2014 and said, “Currently, project development and expropriation studies are being carried out. The implementation project will be completed until the first half of 2013 and the construction tender will be held this year. ” He spoke in the form.
Status of roads
Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, responded by saying that Mesut Dedeoğlu, deputy of MHP Kahramanmaraş, had many questions about Kahramanmaraş's road problems.
“In the Kahramanmaraş-Kayseri connection road network, Kahramanmaraş, Göksun, Pınarbaşı, Kayseri, which are mostly divided roads on the highways, are provided with the route. The route, which will connect Kahramanmaraş to Çağlayancerit through Beşenli village, has been included in the 2013 investment program as a survey project. The industrial junction tender on the Kahramanmaraş ring road was held on February 22, and the tenders for the other three intersections, the University, Ağabeyli and Medallion were held on February 12.
Kahramanmaraş-Andırın road 48 kilometers. Total project cost - telling about 79,6 million. 2012 million and the remaining part of the project will be completed by the end of 68 by the end of 2013.
Kahramanmaraş-Nurdağı 48 kilometers, divided road. Total project cost is approximately 12 million TL, 2012 million TL has been spent until the end of 4, the project is planned to be completed in 2014.
The distinction between Kahramanmaraş and Süleymanlı is 44 kilometers long, this is a path in the north-south corridor. The total project amount is 38 million 250. 2013 is the total spend of 4,8 million. The project is planned to be completed in 2014.
The distinction of Süleymanlı Göksun, included in the 2013 investment program, is 45 kilometers long and divided. The total project amount of the Süleymanlı junction Göksun road is 372,2 million TL. 2012 million TL has been spent on this project until 31,5, and the work is ongoing to complete the rest of the project by the end of 2014.
Historical bridge repairs of Süleymanlı, Kantarma and Tekke have been completed and a total of 500 thousand TL has been spent. Narlı-Pazarcık has been realized as 48 kilometers divided road standard up to Elazığ region border and the total project cost is 53,5 million Turkish Lira. 2012 is 14,4 million by the end of the year.
Because of the cadastral work in the Kizirli passage, the remaining part of the 3 will be finished at the end of this year as there is not much work to be done. Elbistan-Ekinözü road 16 kilometers is a provincial road. The road has 10 mileage width. It is aimed to be completed by 2014.
Göksun-Elbistan road is 67 kilometers long. Project work has started to transform this road into a divided road. The project will be offered to the investment program following the work. 62 km-long Kahramaraş-Göksun distinction and Çağlayancerit provincial road map acquisition studies were started.
Pazarcık-Gölbaşı road is 52 kilometers. The 45 kilometer was opened to traffic as a divided road. The remaining 7 kilometers of the divided road has been tendered and it is aimed to be completed by the end of this year.
Kahramanmaraş ring road is completed with 2 × 2 lanes, bituminous hot mix and 2 × 2 surface coated divided road construction works are still continuing on Kahramanmaraş-Göksun-Kayseri road.
The Kadirli-Andirin-Göksun road, which includes the Andirin-Geben road, is included in the 2012 Investment Program. It is aimed to complete the 27-kilometer section between Andirin and Geben in 2013 and improve its geometric standards.
For the transportation to Ekinözü district, Göksun-Elbistan route separation continues on the Ekinözü provincial road for 16 kilometers. In the part known as “Old Maraş Yolu”, a study has not been started yet.
Çınarlı village junction project is being done. Global Project works for 2013 in relation to the construction and expansion of the bridges and roads in the town of Göksun, Umutlu village, Ayşepınar village, Ahmetli Creek, Başdoğan village, Soka Obası, Büyükkızılcık town, Tatlar town are continuing, details will appear after this work.
The Elbistan-Kahramanmaraş connection is provided by the Elbistan-Göksun-Kahramanmaraş state network in the road network. The 53 kilometer of the Elbistan-Darica road, which is one kilometer in length with the length of the 7,5, was completed and divided as a divided road in terms of traffic safety.
In the 45,5 kilometer, where the project is not available, project works have been initiated and will be offered to the program by taking into account the budget possibilities.
Approximately 52 km, which is located on the Elbistan-Elâzığ hudus state road route of the 11,5 kilometer;
The Blacksmith village is located on the road to Elbistan center and the distance to 14. The remaining 40,5 kilometer section of the road project is currently underway and will be offered to the investment program once the project is completed.
Kahramanmaraş Göksun 2013 in the 6 investment program. The region's border road is in the 124 mile long and divided road standard. Total project cost is 434,3 million TL and 2012 million TL has been spent until the end of 42. The project is planned to be completed by the end of 2014.
Afsin-Dağlıca-Sariz road 71 is in our network of kilometers and provincial roads. In the 30 kilometer section of the route, map acquisition works have been completed. The project works of the road are still going on and, if completed, construction will be started with budgetary facilities.

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