CevizliVineyard Jumped to Death from Metrobus Overpass

R Cevizlibag Yenikapı Marmaray
R Cevizlibag Yenikapı Marmaray

The incident occurred on the E-5 highway metrobus overpass in seconds.
Event, located on the E-5 highway CevizliIt occurred in the evening at the Metrobus Station. Allegedly; Ali Keles 28 who works as a technician in Bayrampasa, went to SA's home for a breakdown. With Keleş, SA met and repaired during the breakdown. In a short period of time, the couple began to experience emotional association. But the previous week SA left Keles asking for money. On top of that, Keleş, going to the front of SA's house, wanted to commit suicide by knifing himself with a knife. Keles with the help of those who grew up in the environment was discharged from the hospital after Keles treatment. However, he was abandoned by his eldest lover Keles could not recover from the crisis.


Keles, who left the hospital after discharge, breathed Cevizlivineyard on the Metrobus overpass. Keles security cameras on the bridge when recording Keles climbed into the railing left itself after the gap. Keles falling down the road, was seriously injured at the scene. Passing cars to avoid collision with Keles sudden maneuvers in the platform witnessing the incident with the passengers of the subway vehicles, and then went down to traffic traffic to the health teams asked for help. 112 teams arrived at the scene on notice to the hospital to the injured. Keles lost his life despite all the interventions.

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