Izmir Denizli Second Second Railway Line Coming

Izmir Denizli Second Second Railway Line Coming
AK Party Aydin deputy Mehmet Erdem, Izmir, Torbalı'ya until the second railway line will continue until Denizli said.
AK Party Aydın Deputy Mehmet Erdem, reminding that the budget negotiations in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey have been completed, kazanHe gave information about the new investments to be made. Pointing out that revolutionary steps were taken in many areas such as transportation, education and health during the AK Party government, Erdem gave the good news that a second line work between İzmir and Denizli, as a railway, came to Torbalı and said, “From 1951 to 2003, 945 kilometers of railway mainline. work has been done. We have done 1076 kilometers of railway work in ten years. We spent 178 million TL on railway renewal on İzmir Aydın and Denizli lines. The second line, starting from Izmir and going up to Torbalı, is being worked on. A second line will be built between Izmir and Denizli, and our goal is to build a high-speed train,” he said.
Erdem, who criticized the Municipality of Aydin for the services made in Aydin, said: Mini 5, 6 crossroad junction was made to Denizli, you can't make one, you show your picture. What problem did Aydin have in the municipality? When the CHP received Aydın Municipality, there was no infrastructure service problem; Because during the previous AK Party period, all network pipes have changed. There is no water leakage in Aydın. Water is delivered to the consumer. Wastewater, sewage, treatment plant, modern garbage collection area was made by the previous municipality. We delivered Aydin to the CHP smoothly. For God's sake, what problem did you solve? In political academies of parties, Çerçioğlu should teach. Without doing anything at the point of service, without producing a large project, how to become so popular, should give his lecture. Because he's successful. Can not teach AK Party; because we have no lessons from them. You can give lessons to other parties and your own party. Başka
Erdem criticized the Municipality of Aydın for its bus station and fish market projects and said: çarş Aydın Municipality initiated the bus station project. CHP Çanakkale Municipality and AK Party Bolu Municipality also built a bus station. One penny, without making money from the municipal budget, without making the municipality charge the bus station and run it. These were done with build-operate transfer model. Aydın Municipality is carrying out a small scale project by borrowing from Iller Bank and not conforming to the Metropolitan. Both the project is small and the municipality is charged. One of the most important things has been shown to be done, the important thing is not to make a project by debiting the municipality, but without making money from the budget. The income from the water in the 177 will be 2013 million TL. Water is one of the most expensive cities. In the coming days, we will put it against him.

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