Journey on the seat

Journey on the seat
İZBAN, a joint venture of TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, has left the year behind 2.5. There are 132 flights between Aliağa and Cumaovası. 250 is transporting thousand passengers. Train wagons were taken from Spain.
So far, so good. Where does the problem begin?
There's an 24 wheel on a train. 150 requires turning wheels on a thousand kilometers. Trains 2.5 made a thousand kilometers of 450 in the annual process. There were total 33 trains. He was hired by TCDD in 10. The wheels of the 12 train have not been turned since the first day and are still at once. Average speeds go up to 120 kilometers per hour.
There's a risk of getting off the road. Passengers tremble and travel. Shadow machinist told us, I'm transferring to you.Local media bosses, like I think March, toasting wine glasses to decide where to go.
Stating that the driver uses trains on the head of the head is afraid to do speed, the chance of such an accident is very high, spouse-friend, relatives emphasize that they do not travel with İZBAN. Because non-turning wheels are no longer round.
Well naturally I asked. No lathe?
The lathe is broken. The deal with the company has come to court. There's a lathe in the middle, but it's waiting for the commercial court's verdict.
That's it. Eventually we are very close to an IZBAN accident. God forbid, but these are the things that people tell.
Immediate objections, excuses, answers will come.
I say we look at the end of the movie.
In the meantime, the files of the media barons comparing İzmir with Barcelona are ready in Ankara.
I think that the thread of the biggest corruption of the century in Izmir will be on the market. Media corruption in other countries will be revealed, while the corruption of media barons will emerge in Izmir.

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