3 of Istanbul. Airport tender interest above expected

3 of Istanbul. Airport tender interest above expected
General Director of State Airports Authority (DHMI) Orhan Birdal, Istanbul, the new airport to be built for the tender of a large number of foreign companies, including foreign companies have specified the specification.
Birdal, AA correspondent, said in a statement to be made in Istanbul on the 3 2013 10.00 May XNUMX at the time of the tenderers and the press will be carried out in front of the tenderers, the airport will be the world's largest airport in terms of passenger capacity when reached full capacity, he said.
Explaining that the new Istanbul Airport will be built by public private sector, Birdal stated that the operation period has been fixed as 25 year, and the operation period will start with the completion of the construction works and start with the commissioning of the airport.
Birdal stated that they did not plan to share the specifications with the public until the tender day due to the strategy of the business. Ği Interest in the New Airport tender is much more than we expected. Many domestic and foreign companies are interested. Many companies received specifications. But the number of firms surveying is more than the specification fields. We expect this interest to be reflected in the tender. Bu
"We will revive the area where the earth is pierced"
Stating that the construction of the airport will positively affect the region, Birdal said, “Currently, the place where the new airport will be built is the worst place in Istanbul in terms of environmental factors. Because there is something random. Everyone has done something there, pierced the bosom of the beach, the earth, an uncontrolled field. "We will bring vitality to that area."
Birdal, who evaluated the criticism about where the new airport is located on the migration route of birds, the bird does not fly over the place, bird migration is not blocking the size of the air traffic, he said.
Pointing out that measures can be taken regarding the migration of birds, Birdal said, “There is no place to say that a bird should not fly here. Atatürk Airport is also an area where birds are concentrated, but precautions are taken accordingly. Many airports in the world are like this. "We do not agree with those discourses very much."
Birdal said that the area in which irregular structuring, acted according to everyone's mind, would be made aesthetic and accessible to people. In The environment will be protected as much as possible. You don't have to worry about that. The criticisms are out of place E.
Pointing out that the new airport will be suitable for mania criteria, Birdal said that it will be an airport where mania criteria will be met.
120 employing a thousand people
The first stage of the new airport in Istanbul, the decision of the tender and place delivery within a month of 42 aiming to complete the voicing Birdal, the airport will be employed by the introduction of an annual average of 120 thousand people will be provided employment.
Birdal, who stated that the project will take place at 4 stage, gave the following information: arasındaki When all stages are completed, 1,5 million square meters closed area, 150 million passenger capacity per year, 165 passenger bridge, 4 separate terminal building where the transportation between terminals is made by rail system, 3 technical block and air traffic control tower, 6 runway, 16 taxiway, 500 airplane parking lot, 6,5 million square meter sized apron, hall of honor, cargo and general aviation terminal, state guest house, open and closed car park with capacity of about 70 thousand vehicles , aviation medical center, hotels, fire stations and garage center, places of worship, congress center, power plants, refining and refuse disposal facilities will be composed of facilities such as facilities. Once completed, it will be the world's largest airport in terms of passenger capacity.

Source : I www.cnnturk.co

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