Giving discussed 100 million pounds for the high-speed train in Turkey in the Great Britain

Giving discussed 100 million pounds for the high-speed train in Turkey in the Great Britain
British Express newspaper harshly criticized the provision of a £ 100 million grant for the Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train project by the EU, claiming that the grant seemed to be a "giant cash bribe" aimed at changing the mind of the Turkish people opposed to EU membership.
European Union of financial support to Turkey, continues to cause reactions in some EU circles. British newspaper Express, Brussels, Istanbul and Ankara to give a grant in the amount of 100 million pounds for the high-speed train project is deciding sharply criticized "Turkey is madness to give this huge cash bribes," he claimed.
Express newspaper, the EU not met many needs while the available financial support for heavy criticism in a letter addressed Turkey "in Brussels, to Turkey railway has decided to give 100 million pounds and two-thirds of the Turkish population, unreliable euro EU because it is against use as currency ' "It looks like a bribe to change his mind, since he doesn't want to join."
The newspaper said that with the help of the text does not specify whether a loan should be paid back to "And the other is an irony of bribery is the reluctance of most European Turkey joining the EU," he wrote.
Turkey's newspaper suggesting that found in many solid reasons not to allow the EU accession for Turkey, "Too big, too poor and too Muslim," he also said. Express is against Turkey's EU membership "arguments" ranking it as "Turkey's population, although equal to 15 percent of the EU's population income it produces, accounted for only 2 percent of Europe's GDP," he wrote.
Turkey, Iran, Iraq and the presence of the common borders with countries such as Syria would have serious security implications in the lead time for EU Express, "on the grounds not made sufficient progress in the EU's democratic reform constantly is criticized Turkey," he wrote.

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