Special attention to high-speed train victims

Special attention to high-speed train victims
Trees remaining on the route of the High Speed ​​Train, which continues with full speed in Kocaeli, are removed with great care to be used again thanks to Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality.
Thanks to Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the trees remaining on the Fast Train works route, which continues at full speed in Kocaeli, are carefully removed for re-use. Trees that have been removed without damaging their roots and stems are wrapped with a special cloth. Trees protected from the cold are potted and brought to life again.
The Metropolitan Municipality protects the trees that have been removed from various regions for reasons such as road construction and urban transformation. For this purpose, the trees on the high-speed train line that need to be removed are also recycled to the green areas in Kocaeli. kazanbeing yelled. With the special works done on the trees planted on the old train line, it is ensured that the plants that take years to grow are not damaged.
Recycling works carried out by Metropolitan Municipality Park Garden and Green Areas Department are carried out with care. First, dismantling is done very carefully so as not to damage the tree roots. The trees, removed with its root, are wrapped with a special cloth. Thus, the tree is not affected by the cold.
In the conservation works that prevent the roots from getting air, the plant is pruned to collect itself. Thus, the water circulation is provided to enable the plant to recover more quickly. Root cleaning is done with the plants in the pot with special mixed soil. Plants ready for planting are put on hold in order to be planted in regions in need. Trees are used in this way to re-greening.

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