Haydarpasa crying cries of those who do not hear?

Does anyone hear the cries of Haydarpaşa crying
Haydarpaşa Station… The stories reflected from the film strip are different but the scene is always the same…
While Istanbul is transforming into a concrete pile, the imposing Haydarpaşa Railway Station, which seems untouchable, is also waiting to become a shopping center. Isn't it time to show loyalty?
The meeting point of different lives, the permanent stop of journeys that start with hopes, Seven-hills Istanbul han A war scene of love, separation, good and evil, a big inn where some are sadly and some are mixed with joy. Passengers were dripping one by one. With the first touch to the ground, the curtain opens and the game begins.
Haydarpaşa Station… The stories reflected from the film strip are different, but the scene is always the same… It is the first stop where the story of those who set out with the wooden suitcase in their hands and the hopes they carry in their pockets, saying “stone is the earth gold”. Behind his magnificent stance, neither sorrows nor joys witnessed, who knows.
Haydarpaşa Railway Station, which welcomes those who weave between work and work every morning and sends off every evening, is now crying despite the imposing stance of the minister. Haydarpaşa Station, which hopes of the hectic feet and resonates with the voices of the jaw-dropping passengers, faces the danger of remaining as an old photo frame reflected from the past on the history pages. The black train last made its intercity trip on February 1 at 23:30 last year and the door to Anatolia was closed. This decision was met with a reaction by those who supported the history.

The project, which has been put forward about Haydarpaşa Railway Station and its vicinity, has many questions. The plan for Haydarpaşa and its environs was first compared to Manhattan with seven fifty storey skyscrapers, and when the reactions came, the buildings were laid down. “There will be no tall buildings endi. Then it was abandoned.
Another project that was simulated in Venice was put forward. Most recently, 25 November 2011 on the decision of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, two of the three floors of the station building cultural center, the lower floor as a station, the surrounding environment of various trade, cultural and religious facilities to be re-projected the decision. Both the citizen and the authorized names agree that Gar and its surroundings are sacrificed to rent.
However, the Istanbul administration is quietly advancing in the face of increasing reactions in this regard. With the implementation of the Marmaray Project, which has been working as the gateway of Istanbul to Anatolia for years, it has been abandoned in one item by saying “it is no longer functional”. The statement that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş said “Istanbul no longer needs a garage” is a clue about the fate of Haydarpaşa in the coming days. It is understood that Haydarpaşa Railway Station, which is the witness of the sad stories that unforgettable Yeşilçam films load Anatolian melodies on the train and move to Istanbul, will hear from future books or memories of their elders.

That's why Haydarpaşa is crying. Isn't there anyone who has heard their screams, of course? Istanbul residents, who say stop to this situation when a symbol of Istanbul is about to be sacrificed for commercial purposes, take ownership of Haydarpaşa on the historical steps of each market station. The group called "Haydarpaşa Solidarity", which was formed against Haydarpaşa Station and Port Transformation Project, also held its 53rd meeting. With slogans and the banners they carried, we got into the group holding the historic stairs and asked the last situation about the station and how they felt.

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