Harput Ropeway Line Project Discussed at the Assembly Meeting

📩 24/11/2018 11:42

Harput Ropeway Line Project Discussed at the Assembly Meeting

Elazig Municipality, Harput council meeting in February to discuss the proposal to establish a cable car line

The city of Elazig and the ancient town of Harput'a for the establishment of cable cars in the assembly meeting of the Municipality of Elazig began in February

Deputy Mayor Atik Birici has been reconstructed for many years in accordance with the historical fabric of Harput, and said that the ropeway project will be implemented soon.

Harput'ın a city of the city that represents the eyes of a pupil Birici, a beautiful ropeway in this historic town befitting the importance of tourism and also emphasized that it is very important.

Atik Birici, the deputy chairman of the parliamentary meeting, stated that the other parties, which were dealt with in the parliamentary meeting in February and which were deferred to the next meeting, had previously agreed with the group, but now they have opposed it.

Birici said that they counted days to implement such a beautiful project and that they could not give any meaning to the opposition of other parties in the city council. Birici, "Elazığ Mayor Süleyman Selmanoğlu'nun projects and thought to be done in Harput, the cable car project to Elazig Municipality without any burden on the build - operate - will be implemented with the model.

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