China rolled up sleeves for magnetic rail maglev train

China rolled up sleeves for magnetic rail maglev train
China lifts handles for maglev train with magnetic rail, which will go a thousand kilometers per hour
In recent years, China has attracted attention with its investments in high speed trains. In China, the speed of the clock has started with the arasında vactrain technology y which will be between 600 and 1000 kilometers or the train for train known as maglev train (magnetic rail train).
Developed by experts from the National Power Traction Laboratory at Jiaotong University in Chengdu, inde vactrain technology, was said to pass the train through an airless tunnel and its speed would be between 600 -1000 per hour.
The project started at 2010 will be completed at 2020. This train moves inside a tube without air and the lack of air friction can make the train speed too high. The train wagons will be pressurized and passengers will not experience dizziness.
It was stated that every kilometer of traditional railways cost about 150 million yuan (22 million dollars), and the new train will cost less than it would be a smaller tunnel section. According to the Chinese media, the ticket prices of this train will be more expensive than high-speed trains, with the development of technology tickets are cheaper to express.
Besides China, Switzerland and the United States are the two countries that develop vactrain technology, and whether the new technology will be applied for commercial operations in China is connected to the Ministry of Railways of China.

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